There will be enormous hurdles to overcome, not least the possibility that the suit will be judicially repressed in some way; squashed or stunted down to near meaninglessness. The defendants are men of power, with resources, financial, legal, and political, beyond most people's ability to comprehend. The Center and the plaintiff's lawyers will have to rely on support and donations from citizens of the world to finance the prosecution of the case.

Were an inquiry into a crime of this magnitude to be properly conducted, by an arm of government or special prosecutor, it would require legions of lawyers and investigators, not to mention the support those people would have to rely on. Our aim is to conduct the lawsuit as our resources permit, appealing to the public to help us to replicate what a similarly disposed arm of government would bring to the task.

The attacks of September 11th were part of a complex and elaborate psychological operation that created in each citizen to a greater or lesser degree a fortress of denial, which has prevented many from any forthright attempt to investigate the truth about 9/11. Before justice will be allowed to breathe, that fortress must be destroyed. The Center for 9/11 Justice is dedicated to its demise. April Gallop's lawsuit is an effort in that direction. We will be reporting on it here.
Breaking News:

On April 27, 2011, the 2nd Circuit affirmed the lower court's ruling. Its decision can be found under SECOND CIRCUIT DECISION below (Adobe PDF 107kb). As those who have followed the case will be aware, this decision was no surprise in its outcome, but the Court on its own motion and without the participation of the United States Attorney issued an Order to Show Cause (OSC) why SANCTIONS in the amount of $15,000 should not be imposed as a result of our having filed what the Court considers a frivolous lawsuit, the product of cynical delusion and fantasy.

We are ordered to file a response to the OSC in thirty days. The most important aspect of the decision is its failure to allude to, much less address, any of the many pages of factual allegations contained in the Complaint or in the Appendices attached to the Opposition to the Motion to Dismiss. Just as District Court Judge Denny Chin did in rendering his decision, Judge Cabranes fails to mention the three defendants at all, makes no reference to their conduct throughout the course of the crime, or their statements concerning that conduct afterward. Of course, there is, similarly, no mention of nanothermite having been found in the dust and debris at Ground Zero, in four separate, independently collected samples, and also escaping the Court's attention is the precipitous evaporation of WTC 7 at 5:20 PM that day, a textbook example of controlled demolition.

In the next week or so, we will file a Petition for Rehearing and En Banc Review before all of the judges of the 2nd Circuit. This will be an opportunity for the other judges on the bench to at least correct the appearance of Conflict of Interest that clothes the decision just made due to the presence on the panel of John M. Walker, first cousin of former President George H. W. Bush, and first cousin once removed of Former President George W. Bush, "the responsible officer of government" on 9/11, as President John F. Kennedy referred to himself after the Bay of Pigs disaster, and the man who put each of the three defendants in the position to commit mass murder and treason as, through our lawsuit, we are prepared to prove, should we ever be given the opportunity.

Update on case as of March 26th, 2011: All of the papers on our appeal from the District Court’s order dismissing the case have been submitted, and the Circuit Court has given us an oral argument date of April 5th at 11 AM in New Haven, Connecticut, at the Courthouse at 141 Church Street. The Court has allotted each side five minutes to present whatever arguments they have.

If our appeal fails, we will file a petition to the US Supreme Court. If our appeal is successful, the Defendants may be required to answer the Complaint, but there are other possible orders that the Circuit Court could make as part of its decision.

On March 15th, 2010, Judge Denny Chin dismissed with prejudice the case of Gallop v. Cheney, et. al., ruling that the Complaint was frivolous and based on “cynical delusion and fantasy.” The full text is posted under “News” on this site. Anyone who has followed the case and supported the Center's efforts in this matter deserves a response to Judge Chin's decision. It follows. read here...

The Center for 9/11 Justice is a base for cooperative efforts to expose what its members and board believe are critical, strong, self-evident truths and un-truths about the attacks of 9/11: We believe they were in their essence an inside job supported by a vast, highly sophisticated and elaborate cover-up. Our aim is to expose the facts and evidence that we have learned, and demonstrate, to the extent we can, who was involved. The purpose of the Center is to help gather, formulate, and promulgate accurate and reliable survey, analysis, and marshalling of the evidence showing or tending to prove the great- grand-daddy conspiracy theory, maybe of all time.

In particular, the Center is supporting the efforts of a victim and survivor of the attack on the Pentagon, April Gallop, who is the plaintiff in a civil suit against high U.S. officials who appear responsible for the atrocities of that day, particularly the then Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, and Vice President Dick Cheney. April Gallop was a soldier assigned to the Pentagon on September 11th, her first day back from maternity leave. She and her two month old baby, Elisha, suffered serious head injuries as a result of the explosions that occurred at the Pentagon that morning. Ms. Gallop filed a lawsuit in the federal court in New York City against Rumsfeld, Cheney, General Richard Myers and others unknown. With its initiation comes the possibility of justice.


Attorney William Veale


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